Global Investigation Review: The Guide to Sanctions (First Edition) featuring Carter-Ruck

Carter-Ruck are pleased to be contributors to the First Edition of Global Investigations Review's Guide to Sanctions published in August 2020.

UN Sanctions overview

We live in a dynamic and fast-moving era for sanctions, which are becoming a more frequently deployed tool of international policy and geopolitics. More states are using them in more creative (and often unilateral) ways. An ever-more complicated web of internationally applicable rules and regulations is developing as a result, and it has never been more important for participants to be fully informed. No previous publication has addressed in a structured way all the main issues raised by the proliferation of sanctions regimes and investigations. GIR's Guide to Sanctions addresses this lacuna with the contribution of Carter-Ruck partner Guy Martin and senior associate Charles Enderby Smith. The Guide clearly dissects the topic in a practical fashion, from the perspectives of various key stakeholder's, providing an invaluable resource.

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