Dominic Garner

Senior Associate

Dominic’s principal focus is on media litigation. He has advised on a number of high profile defamation and privacy actions, securing prominent apologies for a variety of clients, against publications including The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, New Statesman, the Sunday Express and the French daily newspaper, Libération.

Dominic advised in the ground-breaking cases NT1 v Google LLC and NT2 v Google LLC which established the so-called ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ in England and Wales. In the latter of these actions, the court ordered Google to delist results about an individual’s past conviction from searches against his name, upholding his claim for breach of data protection rights and misuse of private information. The case addressed what the judge called ‘novel questions which have never yet been considered in this court.’ The Times newspaper subsequently published an article written by Dominic on the right to delisting in England and Wales.

Dominic also has extensive experience in advising on pre-publication matters. On behalf of clients in such divergent fields as retail, private security and healthcare, he has secured the amendment or complete withdrawal of defamatory allegations before their intended broadcast or publication in the national press, often working closely with clients’ public relations advisors to respond effectively to journalists’ enquiries.

Dominic has also assisted in obtaining injunctions before the High Court in cases involving the protection of Article 8 rights, and he continues to advise clients in relation to the actual or threatened infringement of their rights of privacy, confidentiality and over their personal data.

Dominic’s Commercial Litigation practice focuses on proceedings involving breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and professional negligence, including high-value proceedings against solicitors and professional corporate administrators. A particular focus of his work has been on disputes arising from property development.

In addition to working in the firm’s practice, Dominic has been a key contributor to Carter-Ruck on Libel and Privacy, writing for the 6th Edition of the firm’s book.

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