Fake News - Authentic Views


Nigel Tait


The Global Challenge of Fake News

Dr. Jonathan Eyal

Royal United Services Institute

International Law And The New Dynamics Of Informational Conflict

Cameron Doley


Responding To Fake News Through Regulation And Automation

Samantha Bradshaw

Oxford Internet Institute

Removing Fake Content From The Internet

Alasdair Pepper


The Future Of News Media - An Interview With Rasmus Nielsen

Rasmus Nielsen

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford

Managing Crises In The Age Of Fake News

Claire Gill


Getting It In Perspective: The Public Relations Industry vs Fake News

Francis Ingham

Public Relations and Communications Association

New Threat – Established Remedies: The Enduring Efficacy Of Media Law

Adam Tudor


Celebrity Politics In The Fake News Age

Mark Wheeler

London Metropolitan University

From The Adolescent Bedroom To The Chiefs Of Staff: Fake News And Future Warfare

Dr. Carl Miller

Centre for the Analysis of Social Media, Demos

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